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Enduring Power of Attorney


The Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to appoint one or more trusted individuals to handle financial and legal matters on your behalf in the event that you are alive but incapable or need assistance. Consider naming an Alternate Attorney in case the first person named is unwilling or unable to act at the time.

Because of the broad financial and legal authority granted, it is critical that you fully understand how powerful the document is. You should have complete trust in who you are appointing and that they will deal with your finances appropriately if that is needed in the future.

Who needs a Power of Attorney?

Anyone who:

  • Wants a trusted person to take care of paying their bills, writing letters, and managing their finances.
  • Needs assistance with their daily financial matters now or in the future.
  • Wants to avoid having the Public Guardian and Trustee take over their affairs.

At your first appointment, we will ask you to provide full legal names, occupation and mailing address of each person appointed in your Power of Attorney document.

Personal Planning will be easier than you imagined with the help of your experienced Notary Public, Zoë Stevens.

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