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Representation Agreement


A Representation Agreement appoints one or more individuals to make decisions regarding your health and personal care in the event you are incapable or unable to communicate your own wishes. You will be involved to the greatest extent possible.

The authority given to your chosen representative may include:

  • Decisions regarding health and personal care.
  • Decisions about where you live, including a care facility.
  • Refusal or consent to life-support treatment and care.
  • Receiving confidential medical information.
  • Advocating on your behalf regarding your treatment plan.

Who should have a Representation Agreement?

Every Adult in British Columbia should have Representation Agreement in place if they have trustworthy people to appoint. It is especially important to consider having this document when you have no spouse; or no spouse and no children, or if your children are in conflict with one another or would not be good decisions makers.

At your first appointment, we will ask you to provide the full legal name, occupation, mailing address, date of birth and phone number of each person appointed in your Representation Agreement document.

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